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WhatsApp 2019 for PC – WhatsApp 2019 is a messaging app cross-platform which allows us to exchange messages without paying for SMS because WhatsApp Messenger uses the data plan the same internet for email, web browsing, and others, so do not use cost to be able to keep in touch. The application WhatsApp Messenger is sending messages using a 3G or WiFi connection to communicate without the cost. WhatsApp 2019 can be used in the app for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Samsung, Mac OS, Windows Phone and Nokia.

WhatsApp has released an application that is intended to be installed on the device Windows laptop and also Mac. The purpose of this app is to make it easier for users when performing a chat while working, dealing with screen laptop / Mac so don’t need to bother anymore to check and reply to chat on smartphone devices.

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The use of this application is almost the same with the requirements to open a WhatsApp web via a browser, i.e. we need to have a smartphone device that is installed WhatsApp and it must be an active connection to the internet. The difference perhaps will be a little more practical because we don’t need to open and find the tab on the browser being active to open the WhatsApp web. Download WhatsApp 2019 for PC

WhatsApp 2019 for PC

  1. Download WhatsApp 2019 application for PC or Mac on the link above. But before, you must note that to be able to install it, a laptop or PC that you use must use a minimum of Windows OS or Mac OS if you use Mac devices.
  2. If your laptop using OS Windows 64-bit, then you can download the application by pressing the green button shown in the image above. But if it turns out the Windows OS in the laptop / PC your using a 32-bit version, then you should choose the option “32-bit version”. As for the Mac devices, you can find his link at the bottom of the green button.
  3. Install as usual, then when first used, the app will display a barcode / QR code. Leave it like it is, and now take a smartphone to the WhatsApp account of his want you to connect with the laptop.
  4. Open WhatsApp application on your smartphone, click the icon 3 is located in the top right corner of the screen to open the various options that are there.
  5. When your device displays a view like in the picture below, just press OK, Got It.
  6. The application will automatically activate the camera, which serves as a QR code scanner. Well now, point the camera of your device to the laptop screen, which displays a QR code was.
  7. If it is, the app on the laptop will immediately sync to your account WhatsApp used in your smartphone earlier. And now, you can already enjoy WhatsApp application in your laptop or Mac you use to reply to chat.

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